When Your Best Friend Lives in a Different Country

When your best friend lives in a different country

When your best friend lives in a different country, things are different. Maybe you met in university, or you grew up together until her Mom changed jobs and she left halfway through high school. Whatever the reason, you’re now separated and it’s terrible.

You see their profile picture more than you see their face. You keep so much in your head, it’s exhausting. You hold onto every memory  because  sometimes it feels like an endless amount of days until you see each other again. It’s torture.

It’s weird right? It’s like you’re not whole. You have a love for technology and the countless social media sites that let you stalk your best friend. But they stalk you, so it’s alright. Mutual stalking is just love, right? You see pictures of them at places and parties and celebrations that you would usually be there enjoying as well, but you live an ocean away. You see them in graduation pictures and wish you could be there just for those three hours.

You don’t chill together. You lose the ability to just sit around and not say anything for hours on end because you know time isn’t something the two of you can take for granted. You have to use every minute and love every second because you don’t know when there will be more.  You don’t roll out of bed in the morning and go out for breakfast discussing your entire night, even though you were probably together the entire night anyways. Most days you won’t even have to go out because you crashed at the same place and they’re in the next room. No, when your best friend lives in a different country, it’s not like that. When you wake up they’ve already been up for hours because there’s the time change to consider. On the plus side, since my best friend moved to England, my time zone game has been on point.

Everything is different. Well, everything but one thing, your friendship. If it’s meant to be, it’s like the time doesn’t pass between visits or Skype dates. It’s like your life just goes on hold until you’re back together. But that’s okay, you don’t really want to do anything without them anyways.

PS. …and sometimes, when you least expect it, phone calls are made, flights are bought and the endless days seem a little shorter. 

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