For the Love of the Scene

You know who we are.

carl cox space

We’re the ones who wake up with a song in our heads, or maybe it’s just a beat. We’re the ones who stay out too late and seemingly never go to sleep. If you’re not in the scene, you don’t understand. But that’s fine, we don’t expect you to.

It’s a lifestyle and it’s ours.

We’re the group of people who go over their data every month because we are constantly on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. We live for when the bass hits so hard you can feel it in your chest. We wear out the soles of our shoes from two stepping in every venue and on every surface we can. We’ve also been told on countless occasions that we’re nocturnal, but we like it that way.

Our roommates think we’re nuts and our parents have long since stopped trying to understand our obsession with these noises and sounds. Most people don’t understand the thrill of finding the next big song or discovering a new artist. It’s something you can’t explain easily. But when you’re dying to hear something to perfectly fit a mood it’s nearly impossible to stop searching until you find it. But when you do the feeling is indescribable.


Music is supposed to make you feel. Supposed to make you stop thinking about everything else and just be. So we search and search for that perfect beat and perfect breakdown and when we find one, we search for another.  We spend hours on music blogs, and even more shifting through sets and playlists, not knowing exactly what we’re looking for. It’s exhausting but we were the ones making mixed CDs and agonizing over what song would play on our MySpace profiles so we’re used to it.

But it’s all worth it when the music is perfect. When you lose all concentration and close your eyes because that’s when the world disappears.

No really, it does. My noise cancelling headphones are fantastic.

So this is for the kids in the scene.


This is for BPM, Space Ibiza, Movement, Ministry of Sound, Spybar, and Coda.

This is for the ones who stay ’til the lights come on.

This is for the ones who work their 9-5  just so they can support their 5-9; the ones that have more concert posters and crowd shots on their Instagram feed than cats and duck-face selfies combined. This is for those who have been killing it since before Richie Hawtin made Plastikman and even the ones who just became fans during the Green Velvet rain dance- if you were there, you know what I’m talking about.

This is for techno, tech house, progressive house, deep house, G-house, and My House is Your House.

This is for the ones who dress in head to toe black in the middle of summer and think nothing of it. It’s because techno, they say. This is for those who invested in ear plugs a long time ago and the ones who lost their hearing along with their dignity somewhere inside Guv, or was it Koolhaus? This is for the ones who shuffle and the ones who two step, and neither of them really understanding the other, but accepting them nevertheless. This is for Miami, Ibiza, Vegas and Manchester. This is for the bass, the highs, the lows, and the mids; the CDJ-2000 Nexus and the DJM 900. This is for DJs not jumping on the mic. Shut up, Skrillex.

This is for fucking Detroit.

This is for lazer beams.


This is for the love of the scene.



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