Oh The Madness

Today is Day One.

Well, technically this is the “Second Round” but, those measly four play in games have no place drawing any attention away from today.

Today is Christmas.

Today is your birthday and my birthday.

Today is the best day of all the 365 days in a year.

Today is Day One of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.

march madness

It’s 64 teams stocked with players, coaches and management wanting, needing and praying for the same out come… to be named National Champion. The road to that title starts today.

Some brackets have already been busted. UAB beating Iowa St even screwed up expert Dick Vitale’s bracket and you can’t even be surprised because this is March and March is Mad.

A 3 will drop a game to a 14 seed, and the franchise player will go cold… until the second half, then drop 12 of the last 13 points just when you need him to. Anything can happen and the beauty of this tournament, of the bracket, is that anything only has to happen once. Just one time. Anything can happen and anything will. The experts will dissect every stat, every highlight trying to make their bracket perfect. Trying to predict who will be a Cinderella and who will be let down.

Most of us will be dead wrong with our picks. But want to know a secret? That’s not why we watch. Well, it’s a part of it. But not all. We watch because this is the best reality show on TV. This is the Big Dance. This is THE tournament. This is where dreams go to die, but also, where they come true.



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