More Like My Mom

our little family.

Technically I’m my father’s daughter. I’m quick to say what’s on my mind without a second thought; I won’t be late, but I sure won’t be early, and I often take control of any situation- whether it’s needed or not.

I’m outgoing, brave, creative, and logical.

My mom is thoughtful, sensitive, warm, and compassionate.

I’ve heard it so many times. I take after my father and my brother takes after my mother. While my dad and I can be brash, controlling and okay and a little hot headed, the other two are the water to our fire.

My brother’s empathy is easily traced back to days spent with my mother. My mother is the most selfless, warm hearted and caring person I know. She loves my brother and I far beyond how much she loves herself, and her constant guidance has always been something I treasure.

My brother also got my mom’s beautiful, huge, blue eyes. I’m not saying our blue eyes aren’t great, Dad, but we’re in second place.

However, I’m more like my mom than people realize.

I talk to every sales person in a store because well, we both like making friends. I’ve learned how to be a friend from my mother.

I try to ┬ábe the best friend I can be. I try to give my friends all the support, love and encouragement I’ve seen my mom give her friends (and me!) my whole life.

Sometimes, we wear similar clothing like when I saw her on Mother’s Day and we were both in a maroon top and black jeans. That’s the scary part.

I problem solve like my mother. I can brainstorm different ways to fix a problem, figure out efficiencies and work around time schedules like a pro, all because of my mom.

We both love disco, Father of the Bride, and cheese.

So while people will continue to label me a McArthur, and don’t mistake me, I am very proud to be one, I know that I am more like my mother than most know, well except my mom.

Mom’s know everything.


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