Stay Home at Club 120

I’ve talked about the feeling of home. The feeling of finding a place, or being with someone that makes everything feel a little bit more comfortable.

This is what we want. We want you to Stay Home.

When I moved to Toronto not too long ago, it was the small intimate parties that quickly stole my heart. They felt like home. They were close knit and had a sense of family. The kicker; the music was fucking dope.

Now fortunate enough to help throw parties like the ones I first attended (only better- imo) with my favourite people in the city.

On Friday, March 31 My Side Project (comprised of Yung Choe, Big Daddi Hale and myself) team up with the boys of All Blak Records to invite you to Stay Home at Club 120. We invite you to be amongst friends, and experience what this city truly has to offer. And let me tell ya, it’s pretty fuckin great.


On the decks we have a buffet (ps. this is maybe one of my favourite words in the English language, who doesn’t love a buffet?!) of what they do best- play music to make you feel, dance, shake, move, and most likely stay out way later than you intended.

Don’t worry it’s a Friday.


As a little taste before the big night check out these sets by the boys:

Steve Marto- NORTHMIX

Steve Hale- Purple

Paul Quzz- Lost in Chinatown

Andrew Choe- Night Rumors 32

So please, stay home.

(this event is unofficially sponsored by Nando’s)

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