Started from the Bottom: The Relationship between Drake and the Toronto Raptors

ford drake

It’s official, Toronto is hosting the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend. With this, Drake has been announced as the official Global Ambassador for the Raptors. I think this is a great move because Drake “Started From the Bottom” and the Raptors STAY at the bottom, so maybe he can help the Raps out. Okay, probably not. I think MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke is seeing the Jay Z/ Brooklyn Nets effect and thinks he can take advantage of the 416 rap mogul. Nicely played, Leiweke.

There are going to be some changes for the Raptors leading up to the 2015-2016 season, which will feature the introduction of a new logo and colour scheme that will come into effect. What other changes should we expect from the Raptors as Drake influences more and more team decisions?

All shoes will be made out of Tuscan Leather.

The team will discuss their feelings at practice and write in a daily journal to help learn about their emotions.

Their new slogan is “Who Wants to be 70 and O?”

Gay starts singing Too Much to Lebron after he drops 30 in the first quarter.

They come back from the road on their Worst Behaviour.

The name will eventually fall to the OVO Owl. At least, we’re not Pelicans (Poor, Weezy) .

The dance pack only dances to Beyonce, all the girls just love her.

They’re at The W, but they can’t meet anyone in the lobby,

They justify the inconsistent winning by saying it’s just The Motion.

Crying after a loss will not only be acceptable, but encouraged.

All team members have better relationships with their mother’s (but Drake still argues with his every Monday).

Casey will start singing Marvin’s Room after their first losing streak, “I’m just saying you can do better….”

Colangelo is just hoping you miss him a little when he’s gone, just that you miss him a little when he’s gone.

Ujiri has un-drafted college students running up asking him “Who you settling for, who better for you than the boy, HUH?”

The Raptors start wearing every single chain, even when their in the locker room.

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