Rob Ford Goes To Hollywood

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford At News Conference

Since all celebrities were too hungover from partying their faces off last night (and probably into the wee hours of the morning) at the Oscars, Kimmel had to host Rob Ford and Gonzo the Muppet on his show. Gonzo I have no problem with. But, America seems to struggle understanding Canada as it stands so I’m terrified of what they will think after this. On top of everything, I’d bet he’s not sober from last night’s festivities and now he’s at work. Yup, welcome to Toronto.


“You’d be surprised over how fast I can move”

Jimmy attacks Ford for a lot of different things but Robby defends himself and brings up some solid points. He talks about how Toronto had the lowest tax increase of any North American city and his commitment to a no nonsense approach. I wish he would stop acting like an idiot and sweating so much because I like how he doesn’t screw around and how he thinks more in business than political terms.

I’m kind of getting annoyed with Jimmy Kimmel who is now showing pictures of the LA mayor, Eric Garcetti, doing typical political shit (holding babies) and Rob Ford being, well, Rob Ford (grown man milk moustache). Who the fuck does Jimmy think he is talkng shit about our mayor? We’re only allowed to do that. It’s like he wants Rob to say something wrong and he’s only making fun of Ford and not responding to anything he’s saying. I’d be losing it if I was Ford.

He laughs when Kimmel pulls up the video of when he mocked Paul Ainslie at the council meeting and then Jimmy shows of when they dance to music and Rob started to “reggae dance.” He introduced dancing at council meetings- he just won my vote.

Okay, he didn’t win my vote yet but prior to this I really didn’t like Ford, but now, I almost do. Almost.

Jimmy suggests getting help with his alcoholism then tells Ford “You are the most wonderful mayor I’ve ever witnessed”

Well, yeah, he’s hungover and just did pretty well deflecting and answering all your abrasive and difficult questions, Kimmel.

Welcome to Toronto!

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