Part 1: The Justin Aldean Concert… Jason. Whatever.


I don’t know how she did it. My best friend Brittany, who I have known since high school, has convinced me to go to a country concert.

Fucking puke.

I like country music as much as I like gouging out my own eyeballs with a rusted fork.

But I love Britt, and she wanted to go- so we go. Usually I would avoid anything with country music, straw, light denim, or cowboy boots, but when one of your best friends shows how much they really want to go to a show and you know how happy it would make them- you suck it up, remember everything she’s ever done for you, and you go to the show.

So, two weeks before the concert Britt and I are in my living room and I decide it’s time I was introduced to the guy we’d be seeing.  Some Justin Aldean guy-I thought. I was corrected. it’s Jason.

Jason Aldean

I know this may sound ignorant to all ya’ll country music fans but you don’t know the difference between electro and tech, so….

I threw on the first country song I knew to help ease me into the genre. Brittany laughed at me when she heard the first bars of Nelly ft. Tim McGraw “Over and Over”. This doesn’t count apparently.

Next I go on youtube and look up JASON Aldean. It yields one of the most terrifying Youtube result pages I’ve ever seen. I figure a song title will catch my eye and I’ll throw on that song. I was faced choosing between “Hicktown”, “Dirt Road Anthem”, or “She’s Country”.

Oh. My. God.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.42.44 PM

I played a song called “When She Says Baby.” Kinda catchy? No. It was terrible. How do people actually like this? Britt asked me if I was going to bail as I gazed off obviously deep in thought.

No, I said, I’m planning my outfit.

Some things don’t change.

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