In Your Ears Vol7

j. cole ferguson

Summer is almost over, and I’m not even sure it began. I’ve managed to fill my days at a desk writing Instagram posts and diary entries for a porcupine- I kid you not, and most nights attending whatever concert or show I can get into for as little money as possible. While the days seemingly last forever, the nights end without any warning… well except that whole sunrise thing. So, here’s some music to help you pass the days, or nights.

“Be Free”- J. Cole

Older generations often accuse us Gen Ys of making frivilous music about hot chicks, fast cars and drugs, lots of them. But there will always be the those artists who believe it is also their duty to be a community leader. Unfortuantley, they often get overshadowed. But not J. Cole. He is one of those people. You can hear it in his music from The Come Up to Born Sinner, Cole is often heard referencing more than just the car he bought, or his side chick. It isn’t a surprise that he was the first in the up and coming hip hop communnity to visit Ferguson after the death of Michael Brown. This song is what came out of that trip.

“KIDBUU”- J.K. The Reaper

J.K. The Reaper says everything that you’ve ever wanted to say to me when I go off on a tangent about how talented and forward thinking Mr. West is as an artist and musician. If you’re going to listen to one song on this page. Make it this one. His lyrics are nothing less than extraordinary and throwing out shots at a vet is not a reccomended move, but when framed around quick witted puns and fancy wordplay, you can’t knock the young MC. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

“L O N E R”- Marz Leon

As an independent artist out of California, Marz Leon’s vocals find a way to seep into your skin. Produced by High Land and co-produced by Marz herself, the beat is unique and different without being difficult to listen to. I’m excited to see what High Land and Marz hold for us in the future.

“I Know” – Shift K3y (AC Slater Remix)

Wow. If you really want to get your friends ready for the weekend, then this is the track that you should put on at the pre. The first drop has been distractng me all week, and the arrangement is one of the best I’ve heard. The cords heard throughout the song come in and out to highlight the vocals, which are as catchy and addictive as the beat. Hopefully your favourite DJ will play this at an upcoming event, but whatever you do, do not make a request.

“Floating Missiah”- Guy Gerber and Diddy

It wasn’t easy to pick just one song off of this album released by tech legend Guy Gerber and hip hop mogul and Bad Boy front man, Diddy. The beat to this and the multiple layers proves why these are two of the best in  music. The clips of Diddy yelling, reminds me (of the early 2000s and) that he’s still got that killer instinct that propelled Bad Boy to the top of the rap game in the late 1990s. See, tech and hip hop can get along.

“Mamacita”- Travi$ Scott ft. Rich Homie Quan and Yung Thug

So, Travi$ Scott released a new album on Soundcloud. He enlists the help of the red hot Yung Thug on this track along with Rich Homie Quan. The beat, with it’s rolling snares, perfectly placed high hats and hard bass is what we’ve come to expect from Scott. I don’t think this is the track to bump on a sunny day driving down Spadina, but at 3am in a dim lit condo surrounded by friends after the bar, it just might be perfect.

“Blackcherry”- Porter Ray ft. Cam the Mac

Porter Ray is an up-and-comer out of Seattle. He keeps making tracks like this, and we might have to refocus our attention from the south back up north. I like the fluidity of his verses and the chorus, despite the graphic language, will get stuck in your head. Try not to sing it in the produce aisle of Metro.

“Flawless”- Beyonce ft. Nicki

Well, if there’s one thing I like more than a Beyonce track, it’s a Beyonce remix with Nicki Minaj. Too much? Nah, too much is never enough. Listen above to what I’m officially calling the Bad Bitch remix.

“Anaconda”- Nicki Minaj

Well, there’s the song. But we all know with lyrics as raunchy as these, and a sample from Sir Mix A Lot himself, the video is what we were all wanting. Definitley NSFW. Definitely some squat-spiration. Definitely what we’ve come to expect from Nicki. But I still miss the Nicki that I would hear over a hard hitting hip hop beat. It’s just not the same.

Stop drooling and we’ll talk soon.


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