Are You All Finished, Sir? What Happens When Two Servers Live Together

Do you know what happens when two servers live together? Oh, let me tell you.

two broke girls servers

You go on more brunch dates with friends than dinner dates but usually end up at the same place that you work…

…. because you are only friends with servers and they don’t have the day off. You can get shit done. While the rest of the world is stuck in their 9-5 cubicle you can go to the drug store, the grocery store and hit the gym without ever feeling crowded. You also now only have two speeds, sprinting and sitting.

waitressing problems

You avoid the rush hour on the TTC. Do you know what that means? I can always find a seat on the King streetcar. Wild, right?

Plus you’re addicted to (insert your fav menu item here).


You both flirt with at least one BOH staff member and sometimes the roommate will meet said staff member. Sometimes, hopefully, they don’t.

10am is early, IDGAF what you say.

On Monday or Tuesday you food prep together for the week. Who says FOH can’t BOH.

If one of you gets cut early, the other one is notified immediately with a lot of exclaimation points.

You are friends with each other because you both know what it’s like to feel the anxiety of reading your schedule for the following week for the first time.

Also you know what it’s like to read this schedule on Friday night for when you’ll be working Monday morning. Good thing neither of you can plan anything in advance anyways.

You know, no matter how many times they deny it (or maybe they don’t), your manager has favourites and they get the best shifts.

You both have a list of other restaurants you want to try, and yet you still end up at your friend’s bar, if not at your own.

You talk in code with words like clopen, day long, and (insert number here) cut.


You know other managers at other places, and meet other servers at other places, and the industry continues to get smaller and smaller.

The cutlery at your condo is strangely similar to the cutlery at your restaurants.

…So is the glassware.

Yes, the glassware is also lined up neatly.

You stay up until 4am on a Tuesday but are dead after a Saturday dayshift and fall asleep at 11pm.

Your weekend starts on Monday so it can stay on the calendar, thank you.

You call cleaning your condo conducting a “closing” shift. Chairs up. Sweep. Mop.

In reality, when two servers live together, you’re guaranteed a good time. You’re guaranteed sympathy when you come home complaining about your feet hurting, your manager hating you and the male server playing hard to get.


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