Classic Thursday | 04.02

Week 2 for Classic Thursdays… (AKA TBT but not TBT because if I see one more TBT on any social media platform I’m going to TBDIE)

But anyways,

What’s classic this week?

The leading ladies of the 90s.

whitney houston

My roommate, Maria and I are constantly singing along listening to music while we get ready or chill around the house and this week we were listening to a lot of classic tunes from all our favourite women- Janet, Mariah, Toni, and of course Miss. Houston.

Janet Jackson– “All For You”

Whitney Houston– “Your Love is My Love”

Toni Braxton– “You’re Getting Me High”

Janet Jackson– “Together Again”

Mariah Carey– “Always Be My Baby”

There. That should get you through the day.

You want one more?


Whitney Houston– “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

Now go back to work. Tomorrow is Great Friday, after all.

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