Welcome to Our World

I went to a dream world.

I went to a world where you can see the music. It reflects through bubbles that float through the sky.

I went to a world where the flashing lights exposed our souls and opened our hearts.

It’s a place where everything is strange, yet nothing is questioned.

It’s a different realm; one of vastly different worlds colliding and lives intersecting in the most magical and unexpected ways.

It’s a world where queens are seen in elevators and legends talk to you on the side of the street (while waiting for their Uber).

Where writings on the wall have faces and crystal chandeliers hang in front of the alter.

We pray all night, but not on our knees, but as we dance.

We pray with our hands rising to the sky.

We pray for the sun to never rise.

The priests spin wax. The candlelabras line the alter, and their flames flicker to the beat until the Holy Ghost blows them out.


This is our religion, in our dream world; our new world.

There is no after life. There is no need.

Just keep dancing, you’ll never die.

Time isn’t recognized. We live based on feelings, set times, and beats per minute.

We live to the beat.

Step to the beat.

Love to the beat.

You can’t help but feel it.

But in this dream world, why would you not want to?

Listen to your soul.

Listen to the beat.

Welcome to the new world.

I’ll be back next year, I hope to see you there.

city club detroit

I wrote this while Joris Voorn played the closing set at the Beatport Stage on May 26, at Movement Music Festival in Detroit. Later that night, I finished the piece inside the legendary City Club as Damian Lazarus played an unforgettable set. 

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