Classic Thursday | 05.28

Today on Classic Thursday I would like to remind you of the very first song I heard by self proclaimed pretty boy and Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky.

Earlier this week he released his sophomore album, At. Long. Last. A$AP and if you haven’t checked this piece of art out yet then I’m really questioning all your life decisions.

This past weekend I travelled to Detroit for Movement Music Festival and although I love Detroit techno, Chicago house, and UK garage, my heart belongs to hip hop. Upon my return to “The 6” I’ve been listening to nothing but hip hop. I had Nas’ Illmatic playing on the car ride home and have been rotating between MBDTF and At. Long. Last. A$AP all week.

The songs that have caught my attention so far?

I love the first track on the album, Holy Ghost and according to Rocky the older track Better Things which is getting a lot of press because of the lyrics which feature a certain British blonde songstress whose name rhymes with Bita Pora.

Take a guess who I’m talking about.

However, the track and the visuals for L$D (Love. Sex. Dreams) is receiving a lot of attention, and for good reason.

Check that below:

Download the album or stream it all day like I do and make the $8 I pay Spotify worth every penny.

But wait, this is Classic Thursday right, well then check out the mixtape that put the rapper on the map, Live. Love. A$AP.

And hey Rocky, you’re still pretty pretty.

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