SNACK Francisco, SASS Francisco, and a little Sketch too

 I went to San Francisco with my best friends.

It was a pretty cool way to spend the July long weekend.

We ate way too many snacks, went out to some pretty awesome clubs, and got scared shitless walking around downtown.

Let me tell you, SF is not all it’s hyped up to be.

Reasons Toronto is better than SF in July.

1. You’re pleasantly suprirsed with Toronto weather because right now it’s hot and not -78 degrees celsius. But in SF you’re hit with a muggy, cold, windy 14 degrees celsius. NO THANK YOU. I was pissed to have to wear pants at night and bring a jacket everywhere. I have to wear a fucking parka for most of the year. Let the kid’s play (sans coat for at least 3 months). COME ON

2. The guys are hotter

3. The girls are hotter

4. Okay ya in Toronto people are just really, really, really good looking and it’s actually scary and makes me question how this happened but you notice it even more when you go away. People don’t always look like supermodels.

5. Food. Well, maybe. I’m not sure. Snack Francisco was such a real thing. I have been craving the salmon and the pluoits from the market by the Ferry Building since I got home.

6. Cleaner. OMG you have no idea how dirty that city  looked/seemed.

7. Cheaper. If you can imagine. A bachelor apartment in SF is $3500/mnth. K NO.

8. I’ll take Trinity over Delores Park. But this was a close call too.

It wasn’t all bad. San Fran was pretty fun. I wish we could have made it to a Giants game because AT&T Park looked legit. The hills were cool and I LOVED the different coloured houses. In window of a lavender house there hung a half unicorn half mermaid. That resonated with me. I loved going to Audio and listening to Rødhäd (see that article HERE). I loved the meat cones. MEAT CONES. And I obviously loved the bridges. Both of them.

This is one of my favourite reasons to travel. Yes, I did have a great time in SF because it’s always fun to walk around, get lost and find new places in a new city, but it’s even better when it makes you appreciate what you have.

Some pics from the trip…

Started the trip with a day in SF before heading to Sonoma. How can you not like a house like this?!

The start of it all…

The BLVCK flagship store. COOL SHIT.

A cat and a dragon.

Spotted this guy our first day in Delores Park. COME ON.

Took a walk around Mission and through a graffiti alley. 

Found some tacos. Checked out the salsa bar. 

Sonoma Valley

My date to Jessica Binns and Casey Steede’s Wedding. The ever entertaining Miss. Gabrielle.

This guy. 

Meanwhile, back in SF…. Patio decorations:

Bathroom decorations:

Snack Francisco continues…

My twin flame.

C is for Claire, California, and Cleopatra.

It was the fourth of July so I took a picture of an American flag.. in case I forget what it looks like? LOL. Ya, I don’t know.

I told the girl at Starbs my name was Angel. 

Selfie: Lavender.

Adrian and I and the Bay Bridge. COOL SHIT PART 2.

New friends.

Best friends.

So much fog always. But pretty chill rooftop.


In n Out Burger. AKA Mecca. AKA The Holy Land. AKA I would be 20 lbs heavier if this was in Toronto. I hear it’s coming to Toronto. Great. 

So is this where mermaids go to get baptized?!

This was the last day. I then met a really cute couple at the airport that I travelled home with because we were all going to Toronto and had a stop over in Chicago. They were really cute and the girl didn’t seem crazy and the guy didn’t seem like an asshole. I hope I run into them again. Toronto’s small enough. I’m sure it will happen.

I also took the Union-Pearson (UP) Train back from Pearson to Union and I will never take a cab again. This train was perfect. Can’t wait for the next easy ride on it. I encourage everyone to check it out. Yes, there is an outlet for every chair. Yes, there is wifi.

I’ve now been home for just over a week. Yes, I have started planning my next vacation.

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