BRB Gone Back to the Darkside

My best friend is getting married.


It’s pretty shocking but also pretty fucking cool. The venue has been chosen, dresses have been ordered and I’m not eating any bread, cheese or sweets until the wedding. LOL ya right.

Either way, on August 2, Courtney Malecki will marry Kevin Barnes and while she’s been picking out flowers and figuring out the seating chart, I’ve just been trying to eat 5 balanced (read: tacos, pizza, fries, and a piece of lettuce) meals a day and not get carpal tunnel on Bumble.

So yes, it makes sense.

In our group of friends Court has her shit together. She’s the most logical, best listener and is always there when you need a rock. She’s our rock.

Yes, Court is getting married, but that’s a different post.

As well as buying dresses, trying on shoes and getting my nails done, one more CRITICAL step has been made.

I dyed my hair back to a normal colour.

One may ask what colour my hair was if not normal. Well, it was a lot of colours. From a lavender unicorn, to a rose mermaid, to a bluish silver mix; I’ve spent the better part of the last six months dying, re-dying and talking about my hair.

However, the wedding is fast approaching and the bridesmaid dresses are a pretty purple. So I decided to go back to my natural colour.

So this is it. I’m back on the darkside.

BEFORE: unicorn pink

AFTER: wicked witch of Fort York
(No sign of Nicolas Jarr or Dave Harrington yet)

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