Electric Island S3E4: One Last Time

electric island

It’s. Almost. Time.

Yes, summer is almost over. Yes, soon the patios will close, the boots will come out, and everything will have a touch of pumpkin added to it. Yes, fall is around the corner, and fall just means winter is about to show her ugly face. Perfect.

But before we unpack our parkas, or in my case pick it up from my family home in Brantford -because when you live in an 800sq foot condo one can’t simply keep their winter parka in the closet. Oh no, that would take up half the floorspace- before all of that, we get to dance on the island.

One. Last. Time.

This Monday is the finale of the third season of Electric Island. It’s packed with a stellar line up so the pre-pa is at an all time high. Pre-pa = pre party anxiety. I know you’ve felt it. It’s the same feeling when you’re at the top of Drop Zone and realize you can see your elementary school. Plot twist: you went to school in Hamilton.

The pre-pa is high but that’s only because you know how great of a time it’s going to be.

Reasons why it will be so great include, but are not limited to:


loco dice

This face will be there. MARRY ME ALREADY.

2. It’s on the island. This will always be what sets the Electric Island parties apart. TBT to S3E1 when we were very worried about how the venue change to Hanlan’s Point could change the vibe of Electric Island. But after three amazing shows, it’s safe to say the new location has only made this event more of fixture on the Toronto summer party circuit.

3. Loco Dice will play the set of your dreams; as he remains the man of mine. He’s too sexy. I can’t even really describe how he makes me feel. Maybe this is that love thing. Probably not. Either way, I’ve been eyeing him for years, ladies. Don’t get any bright ideas.

4. Adam Beyer is a pioneer and one of the greats. His take on techno encompasses everything that’s exciting about the genre. He plays to the crowd, and knows exactly what and when you need that extra something special. All hail Drumcode.

5. The crowd, as usual will be a perfect mix of everyone. You will find the music heads that can ID every track and after the first kick start to scream in anticipation. You will also find the party people, the ones who go where the party is- never quite knowing who is playing, but always knowing where the bar and dancefloor are located. I like them.

6. Recondite is another reason why the final episode might be the best one yet. He’s practically taken back techno with his unique deep techno sound. And I mean deep, deep. Like where those freaky fish live with lights coming out of their heads.

Freaky Deep

7. Finally, there are a bunch of stellar local acts that will warm up the stage as the day gets going. Nitin, Jamie Kidd, Terence Kissner, and Members Only will all be playing. So get there early. Support the locals. Support their sound and their hustle.

So, as we enter into winter, we will once again hide away in the Codas, Toikas, Wrongbars, and Nests of the city, but if you did your summer right, you’ll be fine til next season.

electric island

And although we will all miss the hot summer days and nights on the island, winter means long nights. Can you say, after party?

Cop tickets HERE!

See you THERE!

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