S3E4: Save the Last Set

Another season on the island has come to an end, and what an ending it was.

Those in attendance will talk about how Frank & Tony played a very upbeat and fun set to a growing crowd. They will mention how Recondite played a set that was much more island friendly than most originally believed he would (but still a little slow for me), and they’ll probably mention how Loco Dice threw down in the second half of his set; showing the crowd exactly what he was capable of. Finally, or maybe they’ll skip the others and begin with him, people will talk, and I mean talk about how Beyer delivered exactly what they wanted at the final set to the Electric Island 2015 Series.

This years season was definitely one of its strongest. The line up for the whole summer, which was released back in early spring promised a showcase of top talent. However, it wasn’t until the series began that we started to learn the line ups of each day. Do you remember how excited you were when you first say this?

electric island full line up 2015

No. we didn’t see Ten Walls. But after that whole disaster, I think the organizers made the right decision to cut him from the line up. There is no place for close mindedness, judgement, or ignorance at the island.

And while I do miss the intimate feel of Centre Island, Hanlan’s Point remains a great space for the Electric Island, and I’m sure next year’s series will prove just as favourable. I love seeing how the party has grown from one where you’ll probably only run into the same group of music heads you’ll see at a Coda on a Saturday, to include more people who are learning about dance music, and the Toronto scene.

Let’s be serious, it’s quite a scene (but I love it anyway).

The finale of the island always lands on Labour Day, and while I remember dressing in jeans and a long sleeve for school, Labour Day this year was extremely hot and humid. Mother Nature obviously scared us, or maybe it was the meteorologist, into thinking there was a chance it could thunder, but it never did.

The rain, like it did on the previous Electric Island dates, stayed away.

Knock on wood for next year.

I loved the end of Loco’s set probably the most of the day, but from what people have been saying on the interwebs it seems everyone was most impressed with Beyer and his Drumcode ways. Some people were even going as fair as to say Beyer had the set of the summer.

I’m going to have to give that title to Green Velvet.

But, some favourites from the day include:

So as 2015 comes to a close, we can only look forward to the 2016 during the cold winter months ahead.

Next year, it seems like people really want to see Adriatique on the bill.

Me? I’ll take Jamie Jones, please. Or Bobby Love.

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