Definition is hosted Thursdays, weekly at The Den. 423 College. Toronto.


Definition launched halfway through November, and since has gained the respect and love of seemingly everyone who enters through the door.

It’s curated by a collective of house heads (more specifically, the same heads that are behind the My Side Project parties, the duo of big daddi Hale and yung Choe, alongside Toronto heavyweights Nitin, Jonathan Coe, Mark Kufner, and Jeff Graham) with one goal in mind- to move the floor.


We want you to dance and every week a new roster of local talent will take the decks to ensure you do indeed, move.

It’s the perfect Thursday night party. Chill vibe. Good people. Great music. Definition is the release and warm up we all look for before the weekend. It scratches the Thursday night/weekend itch. You know the one.

Check out this week’s party here as Matt Lee, and Alvaro Gonzalez b2b Xavier Gonzalez are sure to play some great tunes as we start the 2016 campaign and can’t wait to see the family


See you Thursday




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