On & Off


I’m trying, okay?

I’m trying to start a career; follow my passion; be a good friend; take a few naps; see a few sunrises; eat some yam fries; do laundry and clean the bathroom in the same day; call my grandparents; find new music; appreciate art; watch all of Fight Club so I can stop being stared at weird when I tell people I haven’t seen all of Fight Club; care about my brother’s rugby; fall in love; eat fuckin vegetables; not go crazy; toss out a text to my friend who lives in London/Calgary/Banff; make a yoga class or two; listen to College Dropout; drink water; surround myself with good people; support local artisans; watch some sports; follow the news; care about politics; go to a museum,  read a fuckin book and maybe see the world, meet new friends, try new foods and learn how to sail… I mean, if there’s time.

And sometimes I think I’m doing okay. Sometimes I think I’m on the right path and everything’s going to be fine.

Then I blink and I’m lost again.

It’s such momentary sanity.



  1. I wake up every morning with good intentions. I’ll eat right, go for a run, do homework when I get home, not have a glass of wine. And I usually fail on some or all categories. But, I do try.

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