S.I.L.O Returns to Save You


Branded nights and different parties come and go in a city like Toronto. The scene is so deep and so diverse it causes constant turnover. When one party dies another one is born. *cue Lion King Circle of Life music*

But sometimes, a party isn’t quite done. It hasn’t reached it’s full potential, it hasn’t had the last drink poured, or the last song played.

This Friday, we welcome back a party that left us too soon, S.I.L.O. (Saving Individuals Like Ourselves).

Being held at a new venue (Toika) Friday night will be sure to take you back to the first time you walked down the stairs to the basement. This time there won’t be a basement, but there will be a others like you; others searching for something to hold on to; anything that can help them make sense of their perpetuating need for further fulfilment. And in this time of need we look at music to guide us. We look to baselines, and snares, and claps and maybe a soulful vocal- to help us through the night.


To curate the night, the founders of the original party have been brought together alongside some new company. The original S.I.L.O crew is joined by All Blak and MySide Project as we try to save ourselves, and you in the process. We’ll hear all our favourites on the decks- Andrew Choe, Patrick Blue, and Matias Busato.

S.I.L.O is at the core, a simple concept. It’s a party, yes. But it’s a little bit more

For those who want to be saved, who are in search of something else; feeling lost in the depths of the universe.

SILO is an accumulation of ideals, a collective of individuals vested in bringing like-minded people together upon the common ground of one thing, music.

We are here to save you.

See you Friday.




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