Shit Generation Y Likes: Networking


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…. Right? Well, Y Gens really believes this sentiment as we host and attend more fucking networking events than one would even think possible. I swear if I have to dress business casual one more time, someone’s tweed will die forever. The events offer wine and light snacks, and a chance to speak with experts in this industry and CEOs for this or that company- all of whom are trying their best not to run out the closest window instead of offer any “tips” to break into the industry, AKA have post grads plead for a low paying, long hours, entry level position. Yes, networking is tedious and Generation Y Loves Networking.

Network. Network. Network. We attend birthday parties where we cocktail for what seems like 172 hours and we go to volunteer dinners because we know the head of a company will be there and we’re sure we’re only one small talk away from securing that finance position. We network like the gangsters of Harlem hustle. We shake hands upon hands upon hands offering up our 140 character or less bio about why we need to get hired or at least interviewed. Why do we have such a focus on networking? Did Generation X have to go to banquets upon wine and cheeses upon fairs to meet every employer in the GTA or GVA area? No. Why? Because they had readily available jobs. Now we have to claw our way into a shitty unpaid internship which might eventually lead to getting the email of a person at a different company who might be able to help us. Well, aren’t we generous.

But we kind of like it, right? It’s not that bad- the free food, cool venues and men in suits who make salaries that have more than three  zeros at the end? Nah, I don’t mind it all. Why? Because technically, we don’t need to meet the CEO, we need to meet his son.


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