We The North

We The North

You want to know how to get a hockey city excited about basketball playoffs?

Release a video shot in the dead of winter with flames, wolves, Drake and some hard percussion sounds and suddenly, everyone’s real fired up.

But we should be. The Raptors are looking at their first playoff birth since the 2006/2007 season, and this is a far different team.

Despite the obvious similarities (winning the Atlantic Division, playing the Nets, and Jason Kidd) the vast differences are the main reason why the Raptors will be successful in moving forward in beating the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets are no longer in Jersey, Carter is not coming back to our house, and Kidd is now on the bench instead of on the court.

He’ll probably have a drink in his hand. Just in case.

But back to the boys in.. err red. Not blue. No, Toronto, our precious Leafs did not make the playoffs. Cry about it. But the Raptors did, and they deserve to.

They have the best record in the Eastern Conference since we tossed the Kings 230 lbs of dead weight on December 8th. That record sits at 42-22. The Drake Dinos tied the Wizards and Lebron James the Heat for the best road record, at 22-19, and have a 16-14 record against the much stronger Western Conference (speaking of which, how pumped are you for the Clippers/Warriors series?!) .

You’re doubting still. I can see it. They may deserve it, but why will they win?

Are we really that good?

Toronto is only one of four teams to finish within the top ten for both offensive and defensive efficiency this year. What does that mean? It means we’re great on both sides of the ball; able to play transition basketball. We get stops on D and we finish on offensive.

The other three teams? The Spurs, Clippers, and Thunder. Yeah, decent company.


Now is our time. We are a complete package with a deep bench and superstars in DeRozen and Lowry.

And let it be known the Kidd will not out coach Mr. Casey.


So check the Drake music video We The North video HERE.

If you don’t get behind this team after a video like this, you probably didn’t get goosebumps the first time you heard Jack Nicholson yell “You can’t handle the truth” and therefore you don’t have feelings.

Go #RTZ.



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