In Your Ears Vol6


I swear that summer supplies the best music. I don’t know if it’s the artists who are inspired by the beautiful weather, or me being in a better mood because my face doesn’t hurt every time I leave the house. Either way, there continues to be a large amount of great music hitting the interwebs daily. What’s a kid to do? Realistically, blog and dance. Well, I’ve taken care of the first one and the other we can do together this weekend at Digital Dreams. You’re going, right?

“Won’t Look Back”- Duke Dumont

What else did you expect from the Duke, really?

“West Coast”- Lana Del Ray (Zhu Remix)

I once read that Lana was the Patron Saint of Basic Bitches. I don’t know if I would go quite that far, but it’s not far off either. Her spring hit “West Coast” got a breath of new life from Zhu. Remember this song? I told you to keep an eye out. This producer is making everyone, even Lana, a little more cool. Thanks.

“Shake That Thing” – Choppa Dunks

Hailing from the lil island of Bermuda, Choppa Dunks now resides in NYC making killer tracks like this. Who doesn’t love that sample? When I visited Bermuda last summer I was fortunate to meet Choppa. He’s as cool as you think he would be but way more humble and down to earth. He said I could be in one of his music videos. I choose this one, please.

“No Mediocre”- TI ft. Iggy Azalea

Speaking of shaking things…. Here’s TI‘s new track in which he enlists the help of one Miss. Azalea. Unfortunately for TIP Iggy throws down a guest verse that makes his verse sound like Old MacDonald Had A Farm. I’m sorry TI, it had to be said. As for the video, there are a few things I like:

1. They enlisted curvy, ahtletic girls to play soccer instead of string beans laying on a car for the heartthrobs of the video. Win.

2. Iggy’s outfit

3. Iggy’s ass

4. Brazil as the backdrop

“Think About It”- Naughty Boy ft. Wiz Khalifa and Ella Eyre

Naughty Boy was one of the biggest artists in the UK in 2013. He made this song with Sam Smith that gained a lot of popularity and in true North American fashion, we’re only now listening across the pond. Don’t sleep on Naughty Boy, nor on the Wiz verse which only leaves me wishing he’d go back to his Kush & Orange Juice days.

“Go Deep”- Jax Jones

Jax Jones is to Blasé Boys Club alongside Duke Dumont  and also put out a stellar track this week. It’s being posted alongside Duke’s “Won’t Look Back” as a lil bb EP on Soundcloud and with the groove and good vibes both these songs and artists bring, they should be immediate adds to your summer playlist… or am I the only one still doing summer playlists?

“Days with You”- Snakehips ft. Sinead Harnett

Once upon a time, across the pond they call the Atlantic, I saw both Snakehips and Sinead perform at the Warehouse Project. If you know about WHP then I don’t have to say anything further. They both had my respect before the show, but after they had all my love. “Days With You” is comprised of a synth-y beat over a melody that would be fit for any fairytale. Sinead’s voice is also a force to reckon with. If her vocals on Baby didn’t prove it to you, this will.

“All I See”- Bondax

Okay, I almost published this article without this song. It was a released late today and I thought I had enough songs for one post. But there are a couple of things that should catch and keep your attention about this release:

1. It’s by BONDAX. Fuck with them. Amazing stuff like this and this. Right?

2. The tropical sounds take you straight to the beach, if only through your headphones.

So, go forth and dance. And I’ll see you at Echo Beach this weekend.


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