Play With Me: Digital Dreams Bingo

Digital Dreams is just around the corner and I can’t even front on how excited I am.

Digital Dreams Bingo 2


I can pretend to be sassy and mock all the girls who are pre-planning their outfits, booking nail appointments, and getting their pre drink plans in order, but then I’d be the biggest hypocrite because I obviously have my outfits planned and my pre drinks in order. It’s like homecoming for the Toronto crowd and I was a really good Homecoming-er.

Digital Dreams Bingo 3

You’re guaranteed to see girls wearing a bedazzled bra and calling it a top, boys in tanks trying to show off their traps- I’m not impressed, you look like you could squat maybe a kitten, and even a few industry big wigs. There are also guaranteed to be Kandi kids and other festival personalities and characters running around. So let’s find them.

Digital Dreams Bingo 1

Instead of describe them to you, I dare you to find your own versions. Please, tweet me/tag me/hashtag @ThatCBear/ #CBearBingo in any photo evidence of any of the spaces seen on the full card.

Or just take a mental picture for your own amusement.

There will only be one winner. It will be for a full card- which can be compiled over both days. The prize is not a fridge magnet, nor is it a ticket to Veld. Ew.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.18.04 PM







May the odds be ever in your favour.

Happy Digi Dreams.

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