Part 2: Pulled Pork, Air Guitars, and Jason


So I went to the country concert. Jason Aldean. Not Justin.

I didn’t wear cowboy boots, plaid, or light-washed denim, and I didn’t even have a bad time. The music was more rock than country, the crowd was excited and Jason knew how to sing to a crowd. I guess with the right attitude even a country concert can be fun tolerable. Let’s not get carried away.

cowboy boots

You see, I knew it would be mind over matter in this case. I geared myself up for the night by telling myself how fun it would be. This I questioned. But, I was very excited to see Britt and I always have fun with her. I didn’t pre listen to country- but I decided to listen to some indie and pop, because I think putting on some Route 94 would be a little too drastic. On the way to the nail salon I played Rudimental, but I swear there’s a connection…

Rudimental is English… maybe from the English COUNTRYside…. country music.

Am I doing this right?

Britt came in on the GO train, and along with our other friend Sarah, I got ready for the adventure that was about to begin. Like I said before, I didn’t come close to wearing the country uniform- aka the boots, plaid, light denim combo. I stuck to my go-to all black with a little colour and a little sass.

Okay, a lot sass. Whatever.

florida georgia line

We made it to the show as Florida Georgia Line was finishing their set. We caught their hit song “Cruise”. Which I actually knew! I think that was a great way to positively prime me for the rest of the night. We decided to grab drinks and food and head in.

Food was definitely a highlight. I got a pulled pork sandwich from the Amex Lounge. Well, let me tell you, that sandwich is reason enough to attend a show. It was fantastic. I don’t want to say it stole the show from Justin Jason, but fuck, it was close.

At the bar a friend of a friend, obviously wearing a straw country hat, leans over and says, “Welcome to your first country concert, Claire. You’re gonna fuckin love it for the rest of your life.” I tried to be polite, but my eyes were rolling before I could stop them. I nodded, laughed and turned around. Let’s not jump to conclusions, cowboy.

Cue Jason. Crowd goes absolutely BONKERS.

Jason Aldean

WOW and I thought DJ’s wore tight jeans! This guy’s pants were painted on. Did he stuff his jeans? Is that a thing in country music I wonder?

The music started and it was hard to not get into a concert when you like music as much as I do, and when the performer is that good. He rocked the house like every country fan I talked to told me he would. I learned about and heard for the first time this new age country that is more rock and roll with multiple guitars and some great drum solos too.  It reminded me of classic rock enough for me to toss out a few air guitars during When She Says Baby. I also called that song a jam when it finished playing. I question that comment now, but it was a really fun song to dance to and everyone really loved it.

The ballads could have taken a hike though. The slower songs lost my interest and the wind was picking up enough to send Britt and I back inside to the bar.

This is where the best people watching happened. We starred and watched a few people fanboy Jesse Labelle. No idea who he was. Apparently he plays this song, and quite a few ladies love him. I also talked to a random guy who was probably around his late twenties who bought Britt a shot and had a torn up plaid shirt. Really?! I asked him about the ripped shirt and he said he lost the pocket at the first country show, the rip on the left side was from his second show and the right sleeve was torn off tonight, at his third show.

I’m at a lost for words, but admittedly, the story was pretty cool.

At one point Kelly Clarkson was featured for her part of a song- track ID anyone?- on the video board and I got real fired up because I thought Jason had done something really cool and brought out Kelly Clarkson. i don’t even know if that happens at country shows, but I was instantly disappointed when Britt told me she wasn’t actually there and I realized I wouldn’t hear “Miss Independent” live.


The concert ended and Britt and I both decided that this was a fun night. I think the pulled pork sandwhich definitely helped, and so did going with great friends. I had never given country a chance.  I thought I had heard enough and could make an educated choice. I was wrong. it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. But let’s not hold our breaths ’til I return to a country concert. I’ll stick to my dimly lit rooms with fog machines, thank you.



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