Carl Cox Made Me Basic

carl cox umf 2013

I don’t think I’m basic. I don’t like tea, or any hot beverages for that matter. Well maybe it’s not as much that I don’t like them, as they’re just not as tasty as Diet Coke. Amiright? I can’t do yoga, but Lord knows I’ve tried. I like quinoa but who doesn’t? I’m not a big fan of kale and I try to dress a little different than everyone else. I avoid typical words in my vocabulary like “stop”, “literally”, and “I can’t even” because how can you not? You have to. Right? No?

So I thought I was doing a decent job at staying different/staying weird.

Then the news broke. My favourite festival, Digital Dreams, announced today that Carl Cox would be headlining the Echo Beach Stage this year, and he would be bringing friends. Because who wants to play without some pals?


And I can’t even.

Carl Cox has made me basic.

I now understand what all the basic girls mean when they scream they can’t. They actually can’t. I don’t understand however, how they “can’t” over a cupcake or a cute kitten, or another girl’s gorgeous, long, blonde hair. I definitely can for all of that. But for Carl Cox, I can’t.

I’ve seen Carl Cox perform once before at Movement in Detroit when he played after Loco Dice and threw down the most epic closing set I’ve ever heard on the Red Bull Stage. But that wasn’t at Echo Beach and it wasn’t with the CN Tower in the background. It wasn’t home. This time Carl Cox is coming to me, to us, and I literally. Can’t. Wait.

Carl is coming!! I want to scream it from every rooftop- but I’ll settle by just blogging about it instead. Typical.

But just when I think I have enough bladder control to not pee my pants with excitement, I remember he’s bringing friends.

But who exactly are his friends? Who could we maybe expect to see join Carl Cox on HIS stage?

Well, let’s look at some past line ups.

In 2013 the Carl Cox stage at Ultra Music Festival included the following:

1. Cassy


2. Jaime Jones

jaime Jones

3. John Digweed

john digweed

4. Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim

And check Carl’s set from that festival:

I can’t even.

In 2014 at EDC New York Carl Cox hosted the Neon Garden Stage. The following were his friends he played alongside: Loco Dice, Adam Beyer, John Digweed, Art Department, Just Be and Chriss Vargas.

loco dice

I literally can’t. Mostly because there’s a chance of any one or two or maybe even three of these people coming, but also because Loco Dice is too good looking to also be a DJ and producer of his caliber. Not fair.

It’s all just a little overwhelming.

Who else is a close pal of Carl? Well, we know Carl and the queen herself, Nicole Moudaber are good friends. They’ve both been on the decks for longer than I’ve been alive and know a thing or two about making a crowd move. We were #blessed to have Nicole play last year at Digital and I’m sure NO ONE would be complaining about a b2b appearance.

nicole moudaber

There is a lot of scepticism about Digital Dreams this year and a lot of rumours circulating surrounding the festival. People are questioning what kind of partnership was formed between Live Nation, and Ink and what happened with the other Toronto promotion companies that were excluded from helping with Digital Dreams this year. However, I think it’s time to look past that. Live Nation, and its team, has always been the driving force behind Digital Dreams. They have created a place, a time, and a feeling that we crave year round. They make it about the people, about coming together in the city we all love so dearly and most importantly about the music. This is not Veld. This is not Identity (RIP) and this is not any cash cow American music festival you have to plan for months in advance to attend.

This is Digital Dreams.

Have faith in the organizers that once again they will deliver a world class festival, and with headliners like Mr. Cox himself, how could you not have a little faith?

ibiza carl cox

So thanks Live Nation, thank you Digital Dreams and thank you Carl Cox, you’ve made me basic.


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